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Company History

just landscaping company overview

Just Landscaping, LLC was founded by Justin Polk in 2013. After graduating from McDaniel College, he pursued accounting. Starting in middle school, Justin would cut lawns and do landscaping jobs on the weekend, even after college. When he realized accounting was not his passion, he decided to start a landscaping company at the age of 23. With hard work, perseverance, and determination Just Landscaping, LLC has grown from one truck to a multi crew, full service landscaping company.

We engage in multiple segments of the landscape industry including lawn care, landscape installation and maintenance as well as hardscape construction. During normal landscaping off season months, Just Landscaping, LLC provides Christmas tree sales and snow removal.

We pride ourselves on being professional, reliable and delivering outstanding service to all of our customers. Expecting nothing less from all our employees, Just Landscaping, LLC is determined to be one of the top lawn care and landscaping providers in the area.

Here at Just Landscaping, LLC, we pride ourselves on our quality and experienced professional work, as stated in our mission statements:


Providing top quality services to those who want the best

Just Landscaping, LLC is dedicated to meeting and exceeding our clients’ goals and expectations with the highest quality products and services, produced in the timeliest fashion, by the finest landscape professionals.

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