Sodding, Lawn Sodding

Sodding vs. grass seed

professional sod

If you’re starting a lawn with seed, you need quality topsoil with the correct balance of nutrients to grow grass. Proper watering and fertilization are essential to grass seedlings germinating successfully. A sod installation has already established a root system that can take hold in poorly balanced soil with much less maintenance than grass seed.

Green lawn right away

If you want full coverage immediately, a sod installation can be accomplished in a matter of days. Giving you the lush, green lawn you have been wanting right away!

High quality sod and grass seed

While we only use top quality grass seed when growing a lawn from seed, sod installations consist of the same quality seed already fully mature, healthy and thick. Giving you the carpet look immediately!

The initial costs of sod installation are higher than growing grass from seed, but could outweigh the potential costs of more seed, fertilizer, aeration and overseeding if grass seedlings do not germinate during first installation.