Fall Clean Up

Landscape Maintenance is important to keeping your property and landscape beautiful. While some landscape installations are low maintenance there still aren’t any that are “no” maintenance. A good granular weed prevention product is a great start to every growing season that is followed up with extra treatments as needed and recommended by the product you use. Along with weed maintenance proper pruning and shearing techniques will extend the life and value of your trees and shrubs. We take pride in providing our clients with a year around maintenance service to take care of their needs. Whether you need a onetime clean up or a continual service through the year we can develop a proposal to fit your maintenance needs.

Our Fall clean ups will typically occur during September-October and include:

  • Clearing weeds and debris out of beds
  • Trimming shrubs as needed
  • Pruning and deadheading perennials as needed
  • Cutting back ornamental grasses
  • Pruning small trees up to 12ft
  • Redefining bed edges
  • Applying pre-emergent in beds for weed control

This is a great time to trim summer blooming shrubs (ie: hydrangeas), prune smaller trees up to 12ft (ie: crape myrtles) and reshape evergreens.

We also offer spring and summer clean up as well! Give us a call at 443-251-2188 to schedule your custom maintenance plan or request your estimate here.