Leaf Removal

Excess leaves restrict sunlight, nutrients, and water from reaching your lawn. Potentially destroying your lawn for the following spring season from disease, insects or overall stress. Unlike the kid next door, or some guy with a rake and a pickup truck, we have the capability to haul all those leaves away, creating a clean and professional look.

professional leaf removal

We can provide one time service or for landscapes with a lot of leaves, we recommend two or three clean ups to avoid turf damage mentioned above. This includes collection, vacuuming, and hauling away. If you are interested and are in our service area, we can consult on what service would be best for your property and provide an estimate to give you an idea of how much your service will cost. We will call if cleanup takes longer than the estimated time quoted. We will inform you on the current state of the job as well as additional time needed to finish. You can decide to finish removal or have the crew stop to stay within your budget.

We can also provide curbside pickup starting at $95. Biweekly leaf mulching is another option to keep up with leaves throughout the season. Anything you need, we can take care of for you!!!

Our top-of-the-line equipment from leaf catchers and plows for our commercial mowers to leaf vacuums, walk behind blowers and backpack blowers will make your clean up as efficient as possible. For more information or to schedule service please call us at 443-251-2188 or contact us via the contact form.

Our Pricing

Leaf removal service (collect, vacuum and haul away) starting at $250.

Curb-side pickup starting at $95.

Bi-weekly leaf mulching starting at $60.